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TV Antenna service and installations for private homes and multi-dwelling Master Antenna systems.

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Did you know:

New York City law requires that free TV be made available in most residential buildings.
In New York City and surrounding areas, you don't have to get cable tv or a satellite dish to get digital reception.
All of the networks you've been watching on free TV are still available for free. ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and even additional channels from those networks are available through a government subsidised converter box and a properly installed antenna.
UHF VHH Master AntennaUHF only outdoor antenna
An outdoor antenna is the best way to receive all the digital signals in the New York City area. We've been installing and servicing antennas for over 50 years, from the same location in Brooklyn.

Let us help you to continue receiving the channels you've become used to.

If you are unable to install an outdoor antenna, it is still possible to receive free digital signals from an indoor antenna. Signal quality depends on your surroundings and how high or low you are in the building where you live.

Master Antenna users and administrators:

If you live in or are responsible for an apartment building, condo, co-op, etc.. where a community antenna (Master Antenna, MATV system) provides TV signals, you may have to make some changes in order to continue receiving free TV.

We know what works in your area. We can help deliver quality reception to the apartments in your building.

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