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About us...
Antenna King, Inc. has been providing products and services since 1953, and from the same location since 1965. We deliver quality.

Our clients have come to include Fortune 500 businesses, Small businesses, and individuals.

Call or email us to discover how we can help you with your communications needs in the fields of International Microwave Equipment, Wireless Internet, Digital Satellite Television, and Private Cable over Networks.

International Microwave And Satellite TV Equipment

We have been distributing MMDS and 220 volt PAL/SECAM equipment for more than 17 years. Our systems are operating in over 40 countries around the world.

We specialize in California Amplifier LNBY microwave equipment.

We are the only Authorized U.S. distributor of California Amplifier LNBY models 131740 and 131508

  • For sales inquiries by phone: call (718) 745-8200
  • For Fax inquiries: (718) 921-3900
  • For Email inquiries: stevenla@antennaking.com

Digital Satellite Services:

Although our clients differ by size and industry, they are similar in the need for television signals to be delivered efficiently and professionally to their employees, managers, partners, and others.

To some of our customers, our job is to add entertainment in a waiting room. For others it is to deliver CNBC and other news services to a broker's computer screen.

No matter what your need, we will always try to deliver the best equipment, service and information we can. That is how we keep our customers.

  • For sales inquiries by phone call 718-745-8200
  • For Fax inquiries: (718) 921-3900
  • For Commercial/Office Email inquiries: info@antennaking.com

Authorized dealer of California Amplifier MMDS Receiving and transmitting equipment. Calamp