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Directv® for your Office or Business

If you work in New York City and cannot receive cable broadcasts in your Office, or you are simply not getting what you want from your cable service, we can help.



How can we help you?

    We custom-design solutions to bring Directv® into your office:

    We offer turnkey, customized Private Cable Network for your entire office:

    We can install an 18-inch dish to receive only the channels you want to see, and send them to multiple televisions and PC screens by a variety of methods:

  • Using CAT-5 cable, we can provide services like CNBC, MSNBC, and CNN directly to desktop computers.
  • We can install a Digital Satellite System with a standard coaxial cable distribution network inside your office to connect waiting rooms and private offices to a single 18-inch satellite dish.
  • In some offices we can even place the 18-inch receiving dish inside the windows, avoiding the expense and aggravation of a roof installation.


Who are our clients?

    Our clients include Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike:

    Media Companies and Financial Organizations, Private Investment Groups, Insurance Companies, Cable Television Networks, Publicity Organizations, Radio Stations, Professional Groups and many others.

    Whether it is for a waiting room area, a mission-critical application, or just for enjoyment, any business can benefit from Directv's crystal clear, digitally delivered NEWS, INFORMATION and ENTERTAINMENT.

    All of our clients have one thing in common: they need specific information or images delivered cleanly and consistently.


What types of businesses can benefit from Directv®?

    We have been of service to all kinds of business:

    Brokerage and Financial Services

      • Brokerage Houses
      • Trading Floors
      • Money Management Firms

    Media Businesses

      • Film, Television, and Video Production Companies
      • Set Design
      • Recording Companies
      • Magazine and Newspaper Publishers

    Promotion and Marketing Firms

      • Public Relations Companies
      • Marketing and Advertising Agencies


For sales and information by phone: call

(718) 745-8200

For Fax inquiries: (718) 921-3900

For Email inquiries: info@antennaking.com