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We are the largest U.S distributor of

MMDS LNBY antennas for International Markets.

Integrated Antenna Downconverter (LNBY)

What is an MMDS System?

MMDS stands for Microwave Multipoint Distribution System.

Content Providers Wireless Cable Operator Subscribers

These are the people who produce television shows. TV-5, CNN, The BBC, ABC,...etc. These companies provide the television shows, the content, that a viewer wants to see. They send their signals to Wireless Cable Operators all over the world. The Content is different on every system. These are the companies that build facilities to receive, by off-air antennas and satellite antennas, a large amount of Content directly from the Content Providers. These Operators also buy the right to re-transmit (distribute) the content using MMDS technology.

Subscribers are the end-users of the content. Subscribers need MMDS antennas to receive the transmitted TV signals from the Wireless Cable Operators.


Where are they used?

Our MMDS (LNBY) Antennas are used around the world. The following is a partial list of the places where Wireless Cable System Operators have been sending TV signals to subscribers using our MMDS antennas.

      • Africa:
        Senegal, Benin, Niger, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, The Gambia, Mali,Nigeria ,Togo Burkina, Faso, Cameroon.

      • Middle East

      • Eastern Europe

      • South America

      • Caribbean:
        Barbados,Curacao ,Puerto Rico

TV-5 --The most popular french-language programming available in West Africa.
Models used

Africa: Model #131508.

Lebanon: #131508

South America: Model #131740

Carribean: Model #131740

Eastern Europe: #131740 and #131508

See the SPECIFICATIONS for more details.


How to purchase MMDS Antennas:

We sell any quantity from just a few, up to a few thousand. And we can arrange shipping to nearly anywhere in the world.

  • For sales inquiries by phone: call (718) 745-8200
  • For Fax inquiries: (718) 921-3900
  • For Email inquiries: stevenla@antennaking.com
  • Our Street Address:
    AntennaKing Inc.
    6502 6th Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11220
    Tel. (718) 745-8200 Fax. (718) 921-3900